12 July 2010

Talk about a Monopoly!

Just got off the phone from Telstra regarding new telephone connection to the house.

The fee for a new connection is $299.00, however, what is not really spoken about is the fact that you have to sign up as a Telstra customer for 3 months on one of their phone plans.

If you don’t want to be a Telstra customer you have to $100 for the privilege of leaving!

The lowest plan is $20.60 per month.

I asked why do I need to pay for the privilege of moving away from Telstra, the answer was (after a long wait on hold) apparently it costs Telstra over $2500 per connection and by charging an exit fee of $100 it helps to re-coup the real cost???

If you wondering what the Telstra Term is for exiting early it’s called Temporary Connection Charge.

The Telstra dude told me that I may need to pay Optus a charge to switch from Telstra back to Optus!

So all in all it would appear that Telstra have the monopoly on the market as there are no other service providers have the infrastructure.

* A temporary connection charge applies if your home phone service is connected for three months or less. If you cancel your service within three months, then you will need to pay the $100 difference between the standard and temporary connection charge to correctly reflect your connection type.

Telstra New Connections Information:


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