29 July 2010

Sir Wally

We had Sir Walter at our last house and it worked well.

It doesn’t require a lot of water and has a great green colour.

At this point in time I am not which supplier we will getting it from – keep you posted.


  1. I had a quote from Jimboomba Turf to install 64m2 of Sir Walter for $1507 but we may just do it ourselves.

  2. Mmm also I was watching Dry Spell Gardening Revisited last night and after the show they had a chat function online with Brendan. Anyway I asked him about the black bamboo we have on our landscape plan and he said 'keep in in pots or planters as it goes crazy unless you ask at the nursery for a 'clumping' bamboo!'

  3. we wll probably just do the turf ourself (there isn't going to be that much of it for us).

    Thank for following up on that bamboo question - I do like bamboo just have to wait and see. Brett isn't too keen on it if it is going to get our of control - but pots might be the go.

    Your map has alot of bamboo in are you just going to get big planters?

  4. Yes possibly, there could be a rethink needed there. Maybe we can swap some of it for another tall screener?