31 October 2010

Left Retaining Wall

This week we also had our left side retaining wall done.

It was done in two days. It is different to the right side retaining wall - but as long as it's not timber then it's ok for the estate.

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30 October 2010

Right Retaining Wall

We have been in the new house for a week!

We are still putting things away and putting things together!

The neighbours on the right wanted a besser block retaining walk (rendered) - here are the pics!

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23 October 2010

Slowly But Surely

Another early day at the Tyrril-Smart household!

The day started out as a Oh Mr Hart What a Mess Day!

Brett couldn't remember where the bolts for the table legs were so Japanese style eating until he does!

Dad has started on the blinds while Mum & I attacked the kitchen!

Also a big thank you to Byron & Pedro for their help moving yesterday!

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Toilet Paper Holder SOS

Just wondering if anyone knows how to get these stupid silver flaps things off the holder?

Im not a fan of the silver flap and everyone says it's easy to get off.... Well maybe I am tired & can't figure it out......

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22 October 2010

Marching on with Progress

Last night Brett and I spent about 4 hours putting together 8 fans & 4 chandeliers probably saved us about $400.

Anyway we got through it & didn't need to get a divorce lol it was time consuming & a bit awkward but we did it!

This morning wad busy with sparkies, painters & antenna dude not to mention the actual moving! We have so much stuff!

One of our storage spaces..,,,,

Looks alright until you open it!


Lights are looking good(some need different bulbs).

One side has started retaining too!

It's all happening at the moment!

21 October 2010

I Like The Way You Move!

Well we are in packing mode at the moment. Brett and I hate packing – lucky this is the death nest LOL!

We have 3 locations of storage so it is going to be fun getting it all back in – only good thing is this time around there are no stairs in the house!

Second last assignment has been completed only one more left for next Tuesday!

Things are on track!

20 October 2010

Ikea App

Check it out!!!!!!

If you love receiving your Ikea catalogue in the mail... then you are going to love this!

Have the catalogue on you at all times with the new Ikea App.

Download the app at www.ikea.com/au/en/

19 October 2010

It’s the Final Countdown

WOW……time is ticking away not long until we get the keys…..less then 48 hours away!

Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited… the problem is I have a major assignment due is 48 hours so I am feverishly trying to get it ready to hand in tomorrow (its over 100 pages) and another presentation next Tuesday….. so at the moment I am not really that excited – I am more focussed.

Everything is in place:

- Insurance
- Electrician
- Locksmith
- Antenna Man
- Phone Line

Moving and unpacking will be the killer as we have so much stuff!

Next steps will be:

- Retain Walls
- Fencing
- Gates
- Fill
- Turf

Then all the other landscaping…… I think now is the time the real work begins.

I have discovered how to blog from my iPhone using BlogPress (Thanks Katrina) so I should be able to update you on all progress over the coming week of madness LOL

16 October 2010

The Tank is Full

The black water tank is now full after all the rain we have had in Brisbane.

We also have rainwater signs up!

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15 October 2010

Paving Finished!

The paving is finished on the Driveway, Porch & Alfresco and we must say we are very happy with it!

It took a little longer than expected due to the massive amounts of rain we have had in Brisbane over the last week.

We ended going with 90' herringbone & I am happy with the result!



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14 October 2010

The Block Ep 4

Yesterday was Hump Day so that means Block Day!

Ep 4 was all about the Ensuite!

And the winners were……………………….

Mark and Duncan (aka Two Fat Tradies)

They won due to great use of space…. They extended the shower space and also they installed a $3K floating vanity!!!

I totally LOVED the feature tiles in Erin and Jake’s Ensuite – so bold! I wouldn’t have picked the mirror that they did – I think it clashed with the feature tiles. The black toilet paper was very cool too! The judges didn’t like the fact that they didn’t put a door to the ensuite.

Brett and I don’t have a door to our ensuite HOWEVER our toilet within the ensuite area DOES have a DOOR…..

Neisha & John’s ensuite was nice with good finishes – I did like the fact that they kept the ceiling arch, however I don’t think the square modern tap ware really went with a curved feature??

Chez and Brenton – plain plain plain…… its like they went all out on the bold sliding doors on the first reveal and now they are in a PLAIN JANE STATE!!! They also didn’t have a door which the judges did not like!

There was a little cat fight regarding Brenton and Chez flying in a friend from QLD that was a tradie and having him sleep there….

If you missed the show you can view full Eps online at

13 October 2010

Final Draw Down

Whoo hoo just got our final house building invoice and with variations we are only out of pocket $640.00 (Plantation even gave us $500.00 back)!

Bring on next Thursday!

Walk Through

We had our walk through yesterday with SS - here are some of the pics.... nearly there!

The count down is on!

12 October 2010

Testing from iPhone

Testing testing 123......

Posting using BlogPress from my iPhone!

Thanks Katrina for the tip!

The Blog has been Blogged!

I submitted our Blog to www.blogged.com to be reviewed and rated by the editors for Blogged.com. We received a rating of 6.7 (GOOD)!

Very happy about that!

If you would like to rate and review our blog visit

PS. I also sent in my other blog (event TH!S)
http://www.blogged.com/blogs/event-this.html and it was rated 7.2 (VERY GOOD)! Also happy about that!

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