19 October 2010

It’s the Final Countdown

WOW……time is ticking away not long until we get the keys…..less then 48 hours away!

Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited… the problem is I have a major assignment due is 48 hours so I am feverishly trying to get it ready to hand in tomorrow (its over 100 pages) and another presentation next Tuesday….. so at the moment I am not really that excited – I am more focussed.

Everything is in place:

- Insurance
- Electrician
- Locksmith
- Antenna Man
- Phone Line

Moving and unpacking will be the killer as we have so much stuff!

Next steps will be:

- Retain Walls
- Fencing
- Gates
- Fill
- Turf

Then all the other landscaping…… I think now is the time the real work begins.

I have discovered how to blog from my iPhone using BlogPress (Thanks Katrina) so I should be able to update you on all progress over the coming week of madness LOL

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