31 December 2010

HNYE :: 3, 2…..1!!!

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here’s to 2011 – may all your dreams and wishes come true!

Thanks for reading, inspiring and commenting!

30 December 2010


Today I have packed up the Christmas decorations.

This display on the kitchen bench was a last minute burst of decorating - I think it looks so sweet!

Poppy also decided to help (meaning sitting in the door wreath as it's be prepared to be packed - very helpful)!

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25 December 2010

Merry Wet Xmas

Merry Wet Xmas everyone!

This morning at 5am I was out in my gum boots unclogging a drain - oh happy days!

Water is coming in thick & fast from next door again. Poor Brett had spent all day yesterday getting this paving done & also back filled next door with soil along the retaining wall.

Area adjacent to the flooded paving area.

So we went next door to to see what was happening - as you can see there is massive amount of water welling against the retaining wall.

There is so much water running down into Willis & Lee's land then pooling & flowing into our place.

The water is coming from the block next to Willis & Lee's.

We are looking at adding another agg pipe in for double protection.

Also hoping that once W&L build their yard up & their drains are at the right level things will be ok.

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24 December 2010

Say Hello to Greenery

It's been a long time coming but we are the proud owners of some lush green Sir Wally in the backyard!


Last weekends rain!

Brett working around the paved BBQ area!

Paved shed area, new fence & almost finished retaining wall.

Lulu is one lucky pup! The turf was her Xmas present! The average Aussie kid gets approximately $390 spent on them at Xmas - she got double that!

First smell!

She had to christen it!

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Feeling Festive

I just love Nutcrackers!

I found these mini Nutters on Wednesday night aren't they so cute!

Happy Holidays!

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23 December 2010

A Very Merry PINK Christmas!

I couldn’t resist – I just love pink (and it is the Pantone Colour of 2011)!

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and Spectacular New Year!

What a year this has been for us – sold a property – built one – now making it our home!

If you would have asked me in December 2009 if I thought we would put our last place on the market I would have said “you were dreaming”.

Oh well I guess that is life – full of twists and turns.

I can’t believe we have had over 8000 hits to the blog and along the way made some great “bloggy friends” and have been inspired with everyone else’s blogs and lovely comments!

Brett and I have the next 2 weeks off to try to get everything finished.

Current Projects:

Back Yard Turf

Front Yard Turf

Front Feature Garden

Installation of Letter Box

Side Yard Completion

Pink Feature Wall

1920’s Dutches Re-Vamp

Wine Cabinet Re-Vamp

Kitchen Stools Re-Vamp

Garden Shed Installation

Customised Tram Scrolls x 4

Customised Art Deco Shadow Box Prince T-Shirt

Hanging approximately 40 more pieces of art - eeekkkkk

New Year Projects:

Fabrication and Installation of Aluminium Gates

BBQ Area Structure

2 x Feature Walls (Garden)

21 December 2010

Dulux Colour Forecast (Velocity) 11-12

Here is the 2011/2012 colour forecast from Dulux!

Welcome to Velocity, the Dulux Colour Forecast for 2011 and 2012. Today we are travelling at a greater pace than ever before, so rapid change is a constant. These global changes continually influence our colour selections and the way we interpret the very latest trends in fashion, culture, environment, technology and design to create the colour forecast. This year we will embark on a colour journey across the globe to discover the influences on colour in design and interiors. Join us on the Dulux colour journey to discover the colours and palette destinations for 2011-2012.

Hmmmmmmmmmm not too sure – I think “Forbidden” is my fav – what’s yours?

Colour Sense Game

Discover your colour personality!

I found this fun colour game on the Elements at Home Blog

After answering the questions I came out as “POP ART” – see below:

Welcome to the imaginative world of Pop Art, a playground for your senses filled with vibrant colors. Here, modern innovative color combinations create energetic and happy harmonies that exude personality and invigorate your decor. The most dynamic of our Harmony Families, Pop Art is for the lighthearted and daring, for those who don't always play by the rules, and for those who live to laugh out loud.

You'll thrive in these palettes if stripes and humor energize you and if you are a pleasure-seeker who welcomes company, imagination, and smiling multi-colors.

If you'd like to live in these inspired colors of joy, the Pop Art Harmony Collection™ is for you. Try these dynamic color adventures in creative offices, playrooms, family rooms, solariums, or children's rooms. It's also the perfect patio palette for cushions, chairs, and accents to cheer up your backyard or picnic party. Pop Art lets you play with your colors. Perfect for children and the young at heart.

What was your colour personality????

20 December 2010

What Did Your Weekend Look Like?

This a recap of what our weekend looked like.....


Lots of deliveries rocks, soil etc...

Fence on left hand side started!

BBQ Paving done!

Weed mat & garden soil in the back!


While I was getting my nails done, Brett was busy doing....

Left side bin path!

Then it started raining!


Massive pancakes for breakfast!

The rain was endless!

We had a swimming pool! As we need to turf to bring the ground level up to right level for the drainage pipes!

There was also a waterfall coming in from next door via the retaining wall, this is due to the lacks of soil at the back of the retaining wall next door. So the water is hitting the drainage rock and seeping in. Once next door fill & level their backyard it should stop this issue....

Out the side there was a whirl pool as the water was going down the drain.

You can just see Brett's paving under the water!

Looking out to the street - you can just see a waterfall in the distance (middle of pic)....

So what did your weekend look like?

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17 December 2010

Side Areas

Brett has been a busy bee working in the yard.

It's taking so much longer than we thought as we have had so much rain!

Brett with his trusty shovel & barrow!

Clothesline installed!

BBQ Area before:

BBQ Paving done!

Wheelie Bin Side Paving!

Soil for garden bed!

Ready for weed mat & soil!

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