21 December 2010

Colour Sense Game

Discover your colour personality!

I found this fun colour game on the Elements at Home Blog

After answering the questions I came out as “POP ART” – see below:

Welcome to the imaginative world of Pop Art, a playground for your senses filled with vibrant colors. Here, modern innovative color combinations create energetic and happy harmonies that exude personality and invigorate your decor. The most dynamic of our Harmony Families, Pop Art is for the lighthearted and daring, for those who don't always play by the rules, and for those who live to laugh out loud.

You'll thrive in these palettes if stripes and humor energize you and if you are a pleasure-seeker who welcomes company, imagination, and smiling multi-colors.

If you'd like to live in these inspired colors of joy, the Pop Art Harmony Collection™ is for you. Try these dynamic color adventures in creative offices, playrooms, family rooms, solariums, or children's rooms. It's also the perfect patio palette for cushions, chairs, and accents to cheer up your backyard or picnic party. Pop Art lets you play with your colors. Perfect for children and the young at heart.

What was your colour personality????

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