05 December 2010

Entrance Reveal

We picked up the last of the artwork for the new house over the weekend.

The rain has put us back with the landscaping (aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhh)!

Here is the Entrance Room Reveal:

Wall Decal Application (instructions say 10 mins I can assure it DOES NOT!).

Peep Holes are a must have for me!

And I love a bit of bling around it!

Mirror for over the bespoke consol table!

Christmas Theme on the Consol Table!

Love this crackled vase!

Table legs were from Ikea & the table top is Burnished Wood (same as the kitchen).

So what do you think? Has it come out ok?

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  1. Bling-a-zing-zing!
    Love the lighting, love the wall art, love the vase filled with even more bling, love the reindeer, love the table.
    Yeah...it came out okay ;)

  2. Looks great guys! I love the wall decal! Actually I love everything! Congrats!

  3. Thanks guys - more pics coming soon!