25 December 2010

Merry Wet Xmas

Merry Wet Xmas everyone!

This morning at 5am I was out in my gum boots unclogging a drain - oh happy days!

Water is coming in thick & fast from next door again. Poor Brett had spent all day yesterday getting this paving done & also back filled next door with soil along the retaining wall.

Area adjacent to the flooded paving area.

So we went next door to to see what was happening - as you can see there is massive amount of water welling against the retaining wall.

There is so much water running down into Willis & Lee's land then pooling & flowing into our place.

The water is coming from the block next to Willis & Lee's.

We are looking at adding another agg pipe in for double protection.

Also hoping that once W&L build their yard up & their drains are at the right level things will be ok.

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