20 December 2010

What Did Your Weekend Look Like?

This a recap of what our weekend looked like.....


Lots of deliveries rocks, soil etc...

Fence on left hand side started!

BBQ Paving done!

Weed mat & garden soil in the back!


While I was getting my nails done, Brett was busy doing....

Left side bin path!

Then it started raining!


Massive pancakes for breakfast!

The rain was endless!

We had a swimming pool! As we need to turf to bring the ground level up to right level for the drainage pipes!

There was also a waterfall coming in from next door via the retaining wall, this is due to the lacks of soil at the back of the retaining wall next door. So the water is hitting the drainage rock and seeping in. Once next door fill & level their backyard it should stop this issue....

Out the side there was a whirl pool as the water was going down the drain.

You can just see Brett's paving under the water!

Looking out to the street - you can just see a waterfall in the distance (middle of pic)....

So what did your weekend look like?

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  1. We didnt get out to see our place as we were away but id say our place is a swimming pool too!

  2. Excellent location for a pool Jazz... And even better time management skills. Nails 1. Paving 0.