28 November 2010

Looking Out The Window

We are lucky that our neighbours on both sides are building at the same time - so in a couple of months it will be quiet once all the building is finished.

There has been a lot of progress on both side since we have moved in.

The rendering has been finished on the left hand retaining wall so our fences will be up soon!

Left Side:

Right Side:

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26 November 2010

Fruit and Veg Delivery

We received a delivery of Fruit & Veg from www.homefreshorganics.com.au

You can get their "set box" which you can choose to have medium or large and delivered weekly or fortnightly.

There are a number of these sites around but what I like about this one is that it's free delivery & u can select what you do and don't like!

Coz I am a control freak I worked out that we saved $13.85 cents had we got the same items from Woollies.

These is what a large box looks like.

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Not having had stone bench tops before we didn't really know what to expect from a practical point of view.

We decided to get these VERY large chopping boards for the island bench.

I got them from Harris Scarf they are usually $120 but I got them for $49 each. They did originally come with wooden legs but Brett cut them off for me!

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25 November 2010

Homage to Neisha and John

Congrats to Neisha and John on last night's win on The Block!!!

Oh What A Night!

Well it was the season finale of THE BLOCK 2010!

It was great to see each apartment re-capped before the Auction…. I did notice a few things….

During the “engagement proposal” of Chez and Brenton I noticed that when she opened the box up she said “Its not real” I assume she is talking about the ring…..

I also noticed that she isn’t wearing the same ring that Brenton proposed with either!

Also it was pointed out that the ever so chic Chez was calling a 10 course meal a DeCRUSTation menu not Degustation menu LOL he he he

If I heard Erin and Jake say we won’t 3 out of the 7 rooms one more time I think my head was going to explode!

The auction results are as follows:

Reserve: $900,000
Sold: $1,105,000
Won: $205,000

PLUS Prize Money: $100,000
Total Won: $305,000

“We have Loads of Dough” - Neisha

How LOVELY was John when he said to Neisha you did this - you are amazing and even if we didn't win a cent this is just amazing! I must admit I had a tear in my eye!

Great result: Erin & Jake

Reserve: $910,000
Sold: $997,500
Won: $87,500

Erin and Jake also won the Toyota Yaris - viewers choice!

Well done boys: Mark & Duncan

Reserve: $860,000
Sold: $907,000
Won: $47,000

Unexpected end: Brenton & Chez

Reserve: $880,000
Result: passed in

“Did we just waste 6 months of our lives?” - Chez

As you can see Neisha and John smacked it out of the park and Chez and Brenton got ZERO!

Maybe it just goes to show being nice doesn’t mean you will always finish last!

Congrats to Neisha and John – great apartment.
If you missed the show you can view full Eps online at http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/theblock

24 November 2010

Sneak Peek Pics

It's been 33 days since handover and believe it or not there are still a few boxes left to unpack it's been a big job!

Here are some sneak peek pics!

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23 November 2010

The Block – Auction Day

I am excited to see who is going to win The Block tomorrow night!
I think it will be between the WOW factor of Erin and Jake’s...

or the neutral tones of Neisha and John’s apartment.

I really don’t want Chez and Brenton to win….. (is that bad?) he he he

So who do you think is going to win?

21 November 2010

Buddy Update

Well we took "Buddy" to the 24 hour vet at 5.30am on Saturday morning - I thought the quicker we take him to the vet the quicker we can see if has a microchip!

Good News :: he had a chip so we left there feeling happy. A few hours later I rang to check that he had been picked up....

Bad News :: the chip was registered to a WA! Bummer....

MESSAGE to ALL PET OWNERS :: when you move you need to update your details with the Australian Registry for Animals!

Late this afternoon I was making a mad dash to the shops & saw a Lost Poster with Buddy's face on it! And guess what his real name is...... Buddy (I had been calling him that all night - no wonder he liked me lol).

Brett rang to let them know where he was a they live not far from us & have just moved from WA.

They were very thankful!

Brett thought he should call the vet to let them know they were on the way - they were already there picking up Buddy!

So it all worked out!

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Link Block Retaining Wall

Brett has been a busy bee in the backyard!

About 20 tones of soil manually put in due to access issues.

Thanks to Steve on Friday for helping put the first course in of the link block wall.

We have cleaned out 2 bunnings stores of the blocks so this morning we are heading out to Browns Plains bunnings to get the last of the blocks we need (about 80 more).

Lulu has been a great little helper lol loves being in the middle of all the action.

We moved the drainage rocks in over the agg pipe last yesterday afternoon.

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