26 November 2010

Fruit and Veg Delivery

We received a delivery of Fruit & Veg from www.homefreshorganics.com.au

You can get their "set box" which you can choose to have medium or large and delivered weekly or fortnightly.

There are a number of these sites around but what I like about this one is that it's free delivery & u can select what you do and don't like!

Coz I am a control freak I worked out that we saved $13.85 cents had we got the same items from Woollies.

These is what a large box looks like.

- Posted by Jazz's iPhone


  1. What are you going to do with your $13.85 Jazz???

  2. hmmmmmm I am going to buy same faux mini apples for my new Apothecary Vase!

    PS saved $9.00 this week on the delivered fruit and veg!