21 November 2010

Buddy Update

Well we took "Buddy" to the 24 hour vet at 5.30am on Saturday morning - I thought the quicker we take him to the vet the quicker we can see if has a microchip!

Good News :: he had a chip so we left there feeling happy. A few hours later I rang to check that he had been picked up....

Bad News :: the chip was registered to a WA! Bummer....

MESSAGE to ALL PET OWNERS :: when you move you need to update your details with the Australian Registry for Animals!

Late this afternoon I was making a mad dash to the shops & saw a Lost Poster with Buddy's face on it! And guess what his real name is...... Buddy (I had been calling him that all night - no wonder he liked me lol).

Brett rang to let them know where he was a they live not far from us & have just moved from WA.

They were very thankful!

Brett thought he should call the vet to let them know they were on the way - they were already there picking up Buddy!

So it all worked out!

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