04 November 2010

Racing, Rates, Banks & No Block

What a week!

We started off with the Race that Stops Nation on Tuesday – the good old Melbourne Cup and to say that I was over hearing about Bart and So You Think would be an understatement!

After the race we then hear about the so called wisdom of the Reserve Bank of Australia deciding to increase interest rates! Oh Joy and Comm Bank upping the ante just because (glad we don’t bank with them)!

Campaigning for better banking
The CHOICE campaign for a better, more competitive banking sector is calling on the banks, the government and consumers to each act:

Banks - making switching easier
- Consumers wanting to move to a new bank should only have to sign a single form at the new bank that guarantees the transfer of all direct debits and credit from the old bank to the new.
- In the longer term, we want to see the introduction of portable bank account numbers so that consumers can take their account number with them, like mobile phone numbers.

Government - increase competition in the market and stamp out unfair fees
- The Government must undertake a review of banking charges across the board and bring in regulation where necessary to end disproportionate charges on everyday accounts and credit cards.

- The Government must also act to ensure there is greater competition to ensure there is more diversity in the banking sector giving consumer more price-competitive banking options.
Consumers - call your bank today and ask for a better deal
- Consumers should ask their banks for better deals; nearly a third of consumers surveyed by

CHOICE received an improved rate of interest on their savings account simply by asking.
- Attend CHOICE's
better banking forums in your area.

Join the campaign

I was so disappointed that The Block wasn’t on last night due to the cricket (Not Happy Jan)!

We are still unpacking and sorting things out….. I promise once I have everything in place there will be pics!


  1. It's block night Jazz!!!!!
    Who do you reckon gets the disqualification threat???

  2. I would have said Chez but I was wrong!