11 November 2010

The Block Ep 7

Oh what a night!

Well the 2 week wait was worth it – last night the claws were out and rightly so!

Neisha popped her hear into Erin and Jake’s apartment to ask if they wanted to get a steak at the pub and saw people painting… Now the rules state that only the contestants of the block are allowed to paint – so effectively Erin and Jake were cheating.

What was sad about the whole thing is that Erin and Jake when confronted said they didn’t know about the rule and that when the producer told them at 9.30am that it wasn’t allowed Jake’s brother only stayed for an extra 15 mins!!!!!!

WRONG!!! HELLO you are on a TV don’t you think there are going to be camera’s on you all the time… There was a time lapsed footage that should the brother still painting at 11.00pm…

So once caught out they were disqualified!

The winner this week was Neisa and John – great palate of neutral colours, a little squishy with the 2 large sofa’s but I think once the whole open plan room is done it may give the a little more space.

Mark and Duncan - Elements of this room were good however, the mix and match of modern and old furniture didn’t work. The lounge covered up the large sliding door area – perhaps if placed differently it may look better?

Chez and Brenton – hmmmmmm didn’t like the marble floating shelves and although I am a MASSIVE black and white stripe fan – didn’t think the rug helped the space – it looked way too busy!

Disqualified Room – Erin and Jake’s room was really nice – although at times it did look a bit boxy (maybe the square furniture). I did like the custom TV unit and swivel arm for the TV!

If you missed the show you can view full Eps online at http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/theblock

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