03 November 2010

Moving The Dirt

Brett has been a busy little beaver in the back yard moving all (12 tonnes) of dirt around!

Here are some before pics:

And now:

There is still a lot of work to go (another delivery on the weekend for starters) but it will be worth it!

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  1. Fantastic effort. You've been in for what, a week, and you've done heaps already.

    Have you found the dining table bolts yet???

  2. The dirt and ret walls on the sides look fantastic! What are your plans for the slope at the back?
    How annoying the block wasnt on last night :(
    Im looking forward to seeing your internal pics!

  3. Reinsey - Yes found the bolts thank goodness! It is a massive job we are getting there but it wont happen over night LOL but it will happen!

    Cass - Thanks - we are going to cut into the slope a but more (sewer line) then we are going to retain it have have garden beds and a large feature wall on it then have the lower part as grass lawn for Lulu. Both sides will be paved and pebbled.

    I was totally devo that the block wasn't on!

    I am still waiting for things to arrive and have most stuff done before I put the pics up.... All in good time!

  4. Are you doing the paving and pebbles yourself? we are doing that down 1 side too. what sort of retaining wall are you going to do at the back?

  5. Yep pebbles and paving ourselves - Brett has done it before at our last place.

    The back will be charcoal link block wall (same stuff you get at Bunnings).