12 November 2010

CSI Ceiling!

We had a little mishap at the house last weekend….

A bottle of Red Hair Dye exploded in the kitchen – all over the white quartz bench top, tiles, kitchen stools… the list goes on…..

I had dyed my hair on the Thursday, I had screwed the lid back on the bottle, placed it back into the box and put it in the bathroom bin – took bathroom rubish out to the kitchen on Sunday (to take out to the wheelie bin) and KAPOW up she went!

I cleaned everything up thank goodness expect for ceiling – I so surprised and so busy cleaning everything else that I forgot to look up!

Brett came in from outside thought I had cut myself due to the look of the CSI style splatter on the kitchen ceiling!

Bunnings suggested a stain sealer and applied 2 coats of that + 2 coats of the ceiling paint!

We had the painter in fixing something else up and he had done another coat – FREE OF CHARGE!

So we are back to white – splatter free ceilings now!

Note to self – next time hair is being dyed take the excess bottle out to the wheelie bin immediately!

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