25 November 2010

Oh What A Night!

Well it was the season finale of THE BLOCK 2010!

It was great to see each apartment re-capped before the Auction…. I did notice a few things….

During the “engagement proposal” of Chez and Brenton I noticed that when she opened the box up she said “Its not real” I assume she is talking about the ring…..

I also noticed that she isn’t wearing the same ring that Brenton proposed with either!

Also it was pointed out that the ever so chic Chez was calling a 10 course meal a DeCRUSTation menu not Degustation menu LOL he he he

If I heard Erin and Jake say we won’t 3 out of the 7 rooms one more time I think my head was going to explode!

The auction results are as follows:

Reserve: $900,000
Sold: $1,105,000
Won: $205,000

PLUS Prize Money: $100,000
Total Won: $305,000

“We have Loads of Dough” - Neisha

How LOVELY was John when he said to Neisha you did this - you are amazing and even if we didn't win a cent this is just amazing! I must admit I had a tear in my eye!

Great result: Erin & Jake

Reserve: $910,000
Sold: $997,500
Won: $87,500

Erin and Jake also won the Toyota Yaris - viewers choice!

Well done boys: Mark & Duncan

Reserve: $860,000
Sold: $907,000
Won: $47,000

Unexpected end: Brenton & Chez

Reserve: $880,000
Result: passed in

“Did we just waste 6 months of our lives?” - Chez

As you can see Neisha and John smacked it out of the park and Chez and Brenton got ZERO!

Maybe it just goes to show being nice doesn’t mean you will always finish last!

Congrats to Neisha and John – great apartment.
If you missed the show you can view full Eps online at http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/theblock

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  1. I freakin cried like a baby last night. John is just so devoted to her - and fair call - she's a ripper of a chic. Well thats how she came across post editing at least.
    Also noticed the lack of ring (coz I'm besotted my engagement rings right now - heavy sigh). Hopefully Brenton wised up and took it back - both ring AND proposal.