19 November 2010

The Block Ep 8

The Kitchen / Dining area – wow what a race to the finish line!

It appeared that the couples were really down to the wire for the last room reveal or maybe that is just the magic of TV?

The winning room this week was Jake & Erin’s room – out of all of the apartment I would say theirs has the biggest WOW factor and is the one closest to my style.

A lot of fans on The Block Facebook page were not happy about the “cheaters” winning.

Neisha & John’s room came in a close second for me, although there doesn’t seem to be as much bench space as the other kitchen as the back of the kitchen is full of cupboard.

Loved the range hood – very cool and overall looked like good finishes were used all round!

Mark & Duncan The 2 Fat Tradies went out in style – it you look at the change in room presentation from day 1 to know the boys have learnt a bit – they had the fruit, fresh flowers…. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t brilliant but I think they have improved the most on this show!

Chez & Brenton……. My least fav couple on this show (I guess someone has to be). Well he popped the question and the funniest thing I have ever seen is that she looked at the ring and then closed the LID TO SEE WHERE IT WAS FROM!!!!!! #EPIC ENGAGEMENT FAIL – seriously who does that? I had one word come to me….. SHALLOW!

Anyway back to the room – I have no idea what she was thinking with the wooden table (sort of rustic Aussie Style), it really didn’t go with the space at all! And at the kitchen sink they had some weird bench off the back of it????

The common areas were also finished and came up a real treat!

So who do you think is going to win?

If you missed the show you can view full Eps online at http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/theblock

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