31 January 2011

EBay Urn Bargain

I won these garden urns & pedestals off eBay a couple of weeks back for the bargain price if $80 (all up)

As you can see one of the urns had broken.

So I went to Bunnings asked about concrete glue, bid & won (I was the only bidder).

The owner paid over $400 4 years ago, so $80 was a massive bargain!

I think Brett wasn't so sure - but I knew we could do it!

We stuck it together with liquid nails "landscape".

The above pic shows the gap & the undercoat.

Brett filled it with no more gaps.

Sanded it back...

And painted it with this black hammer effect spray paint.

And presto.....

Look how good the garden now looks:

From This:

To This:

Pretty happy with the outcome and even happier with the price!

Sometimes vision is all you need!

29 January 2011

Happy 100 Days

Wow - its been 100 days since hand over!

Time flies when you are having fun!

We are not 100% finished but getting there - got some great posts coming up next week!

We have also hit over 10,650 hits to the blog - so I guess someone is reading it!

Thanks to everyone that reads the blog and comments.

Projects In Progress:
ine Cabinet Re-Vamp
Kitchen Stools Re-Vamp
Customised Art Deco Shadow Box Prince T-Shirt
Garden Shed Installation
Hanging approximately 15 more pieces of art - eeekkkkk
Fabrication and Installation of Aluminium Gates
BBQ Area Structure
2 x Feature Walls (Garden)
Pink Feature Wall
Installation of Sky Light
Installation on some Whirly Birds on the roof

28 January 2011

Park Bench Bargain

For a couple of weeks I have been investigating prices of Park Benches online & at the shops.

I wanted a very "straight up & down" type bench. No fancy iron sides.

Found this one on eBay & won it for the bargain price of $56.00!

Brett & I sanded it & painted black.

Pretty happy with the results!

Bench Before:

And After..........

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26 January 2011

Australia Day

Happy Australia Day to All!

We didn't have a traditional Aussie Day - No BBQ, No Party....

This year we went to Bunnings and did some projets around the house!

Looking forward to sharing the finished results over the coming days!


With all this humid weather we have been having I started looking for alternative moisture absorbers for wardrobes, cupboards etc....

I have been reading that chalk is a great moisture absorber.

So I thought I would give it a crack!

Went to the $2 shop & got some chalk & organza bags (less than $15 for all this).

Put it together ready to hang in the cupboards!

Shall keep u posted!

Have you ever used chalk for this kind of thing before?

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25 January 2011

In the Sea of Spandex

I love these words from the Courier Mail:

“There was a sea of spandex as far as the eye could see. Red, blue, green and yellow, shimmering brightly under the hot Brisbane sun as thousands gathered in eager anticipation.”

Well in all that spandex on the Channel 9 News – look who we found in the crowd….. Brett!

It was a great ride of over 2,500 people and they raised at least $125,000 for the QLD Flood Victims…. Not to mention Brett can now say I’ve done some km’s with Lance! he he he

22 January 2011

Bretts Cycling Centre

Brett is very excited about his cycling centre (hehehe)!

All he has to do is the reverse the car out & pull out the bike & trainer.

At our last place when Brett wanted to train inside it was done in the lounge room - so this new set up is a lot better!

He has some programs that show real footage of cycling courses like the Tour de France. The white thing on the back wheel puts tension on the bike - so he feels the hills and other inclines.

He can also race against his mates on these courses & the program records all the times, speeds etc.

Today Brett is doing a "real ride" in Brisbane with his hero Lance Armstrong so as you can imagine I have excited husband getting ready for the ride!

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21 January 2011

Lovin That Letterbox

Check out the our new Letterbox!

Got it from Bunnings!

Also this info from Australia Post might come in handy if you want to know where you should put your letterbox and what specifications you need to consider.



Installed by Brett with out numbers.

With Numbers.

19 January 2011

Oil of Clove for Mould

I have been hearing a lot about Oil of Clove for Mould - I have gone out and got a bottle, mixed it up and intend to use it this weekend.

We don't have any mould at the new house but I thought it might be a good way to deter it.

From what I understand it wont get rid of the stain of mould but it does kill the spores and they wont grow back. Chemical cleaners get rid of the stain but not the spores (if you can follow that).

I found this great article on ABC's website check it out Flood clean up tips from Shannon Lush

With water comes mold, one of the most stubborn offenders to clean up. According to the cleaning genius of Shannon Lush, there are two main weapons; salt and oil of cloves.

To remove mold from soft furnishings, canvas and outside areas (where the salt won't end up in the garden), mix one kilogram of ordinary house salt into one bucket of water. Wash the affected surface, wait until the salt crust forms and brush off with a broom.

But Shannon says the best killer of mould is oil of cloves, available from the chemist or supermarket.

To use oil of cloves as a mold remover:

  • Add half a teaspoon of oil of cloves to 1 litre of water - no more than that.
  • Put it into a spray bottle, spray the surface and leave for 20 minutes.
  • Wipe the surface clean, then re-spray and leave it.It will take between 24 to 48 hours for the mould spores to die and drop off.
If you need to clean your carpet and get rid of the smell caused by water damage, Shannon has a special concoction for steam cleaners:

Use half the amount of soap recommended in the instructions for your steam cleaner, and add the following:
  • half a cup each of of bi-carb soda, white vinegar and methylated spiritsTwo teaspoons each of eucalyptus oil and glycerine.
  • Steam clean your carpet as usual.

Porch Area Part Reveal

We have added some editions to the porch area.



Still to Come:

There is an outdoor piece of art to go on this wall.

I would like to add a bench seat on this side & we also have 3 outdoor artworks for this wall too.

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18 January 2011

Totally WAC!

My sister and I took at trip to the Woolloongabba Antique Centre (WAC) in Brisbane.

To get inspiration, to see what antiques were priced at (for our ebay shopping experiences) etc.

Some really fab stuff there – worth a trip! They even have a cafĂ©.

The set up is that of individual sellers under the one roof.

Check it out

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17 January 2011

Andy Warhol Wall


Lovin my Andy Warhol Wall (adjacent to to the kitchen)!

Modern, Bold, Totally Out There = Jazz & Brett!

I am also lovin my new iPhone app Hipstamatic - It uses different lenses etc!

The middle portrait is of course MY FAV of ALL time...... PRINCE!!!! (more custom Prince artwork to come stay tuned)!

Totally love <3 this picture!

Here is a clear shot of our new housemates!

Hot Pink Marilyn!

Judy Garland & Ali!

Jackie O - style icon!

Gotta love Liza!

Hot Pink Deb Harry - looks great!

Regal looking Lady Di { one for the QR girls ;) }

Using another lens from my iPhone app.

I used I've Been Framed (Springwood) for the straight edge block mounting - highly recommend!

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16 January 2011

What To Do With All The Sandbags?

Now that the #BNEFloods have subsided in Brisbane the next issue after cleaning up – is what to do with the all the sandbags (clean ones)?

The Brisbane City Council http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/ says you can take them back to depot’s or take them to the dump – but what a waste.

Today at work (getting the office back together after the flood) we all decided to take some sandbags home and use them on our lawns.

Clearly the sandbags can’t be water damaged – if the floods touched them (get rid of them – too much bacteria).

I found this article on using sand as a top dressing for your lawn. http://thelawnguide.com.au/lawn-care/lawn-repair/23-lawn-repair/122-top-dressing.html

Brett used the sand today on the back lawn to level it out – looks pretty good…. and free (not to mention good recycling)!