29 January 2011

Happy 100 Days

Wow - its been 100 days since hand over!

Time flies when you are having fun!

We are not 100% finished but getting there - got some great posts coming up next week!

We have also hit over 10,650 hits to the blog - so I guess someone is reading it!

Thanks to everyone that reads the blog and comments.

Projects In Progress:
ine Cabinet Re-Vamp
Kitchen Stools Re-Vamp
Customised Art Deco Shadow Box Prince T-Shirt
Garden Shed Installation
Hanging approximately 15 more pieces of art - eeekkkkk
Fabrication and Installation of Aluminium Gates
BBQ Area Structure
2 x Feature Walls (Garden)
Pink Feature Wall
Installation of Sky Light
Installation on some Whirly Birds on the roof


  1. Hey there Jazz, got your comment on my last post. Not blogging much at the moment... VERY pissed off with the lack of progress. Slab now pushed back to feb 26. At least Loz starts a new job on Monday, so our luck has to improve...surely?????
    Dying to see your new pics!!!!

  2. That list seems very do-able... it's all about the money and the time balance. :) Having a list to tick off as you go is great to acknowledge your achievments. You've done heaps so far and should be very pleased with yourselves.

  3. Hang in there Rainsey - it will be worth it!

    Thanks R&S - The time balance is really hard - seems like all we have done every waking moment for 100 days is house stuff - I am looking forward to the weekend where we have nothing to do LOL