02 January 2011

Did Someone Say SALES?

There is no time like the present to cash in on those end of year sales!

I was extremely brave & went out to the Boxing Day Sales. I usually go every year and I have to say this year (well last year 2010) was the worst year ever!!!!!

So many people it was out of control!

However in addition to all the personal shopping items I purchased, I also got a few house items.

I got this Sunbeam / Brita water on bench water filter / cooler from Myer for $30 off!

I got this large glass bowl from Target for 50% off!

I have it on good authority from my mother in law that these room defusers are to die for. I also got these at 50% off!

Target had bath mats at 25% off. This one is in the main bathroom and it's a grey colour palette.

These 2 are in the ensuite and are more of a brown colour palette.

Totally love this Salt & Pepper mirror clock for the master bedroom - bargain $19!

Of course I got a few Xmas items for Xmas 2011! Brett spotted the black ornaments - which I totally love!

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