01 January 2011

The Big Wet

Well we never thought that we would have spent 3 hours digging trenches, diverting water, stacking bricks and shovelling soil on Christmas Day!

This footage is taken from next door – as you can see the water is coming into their backyard and pooling in their alfresco area and coming into our block as there isn’t soil against the retaining wall.

Brett dug a trench along the side to try to get the water out to the street instead of coming into our block.

Fun times water just racing in!

The developers had dug a trench on this other side of the house earlier in the week…

This footage (is me walking – sorry) is from next doors driveway and down the street and the water coming down our side yard and through our front yard!

This side yard wasn't finished with pebbles, but there was so much water coming in that it was like a whirl pool of water going down the drain!

Here is a screen shot from my iphone of the weather!

This big weed thing was clogging next doors drain from the street and thus backing the water up - so I pulled it out - and out gushed the water!

As you can see there is water coming from next door from under the wall & the other agg pipe was the extra one that Brett put in on our side. We are extending this pipe further towards the street (today - if the weather holds).

As you can see the left had side of the backyard is fine (no water)..... but......

The right hand side is full of water, the newly laid turf was floating on this side!

There are some places in Queensland that are in a lot worse shape than us – so we are very grateful that this is the extent of our issues.

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