12 January 2011


This natural disaster is so surreal – who would have thought this would ever happen to Brisbane (again - 1974).

We have just heard that if the power goes off there is enough drinking water for about 3 days - I was at Woolies this morning and there was NO BOTTLED water there! I just filled up canisters of water just in case.

Brett’s Work Castlemaine Perkins (XXXX) has gone under and my work will be under most likely tonight.

As you have read over the last weeks we have had some water issues, however, as long as the rain holds off we should be ok.

Our heart goes out to everyone that is struggling with this horrible event (75% of QLD is a natural disaster zone).

Hang in there everyone.


  1. Hope you guys and your families are OK

  2. Thanks guys - we are ok. My work is ok but Brett's work has gone under.

    Its so tragic - we feel so helpless - the water is starting to fall - so the clean up begins.