17 January 2011

Andy Warhol Wall


Lovin my Andy Warhol Wall (adjacent to to the kitchen)!

Modern, Bold, Totally Out There = Jazz & Brett!

I am also lovin my new iPhone app Hipstamatic - It uses different lenses etc!

The middle portrait is of course MY FAV of ALL time...... PRINCE!!!! (more custom Prince artwork to come stay tuned)!

Totally love <3 this picture!

Here is a clear shot of our new housemates!

Hot Pink Marilyn!

Judy Garland & Ali!

Jackie O - style icon!

Gotta love Liza!

Hot Pink Deb Harry - looks great!

Regal looking Lady Di { one for the QR girls ;) }

Using another lens from my iPhone app.

I used I've Been Framed (Springwood) for the straight edge block mounting - highly recommend!

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