14 January 2011

Yuck Grubs

Brett noticed these little suckers in the backyard in a small area.

He rang up Jimboomba Turf as they give a 3 month guarantee against Lawn Grubs with Sir Walter Turf.

They were great came out the next day – the Green Keeper and Rep armed with their lawn grub spray they use which is worth approx. $600.00 (yes) for 500mls! It is their product that the developed. On closer look at the grubs they had tried to eat the turf but were very sick.

The turf dudes were happy about that as this spray stuff they have put a lot of time and money into research and development its working!

Brett said they gave the backyard a spray with their spray – which is good news (those grubs don’t have chance).

It is expected that the grubs have come from a neighbour as they are in a small section towards the back of the property.

Will have to inform those neighbours they have grubs and can they keep them to themselves LOL

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