31 January 2011

EBay Urn Bargain

I won these garden urns & pedestals off eBay a couple of weeks back for the bargain price if $80 (all up)

As you can see one of the urns had broken.

So I went to Bunnings asked about concrete glue, bid & won (I was the only bidder).

The owner paid over $400 4 years ago, so $80 was a massive bargain!

I think Brett wasn't so sure - but I knew we could do it!

We stuck it together with liquid nails "landscape".

The above pic shows the gap & the undercoat.

Brett filled it with no more gaps.

Sanded it back...

And painted it with this black hammer effect spray paint.

And presto.....

Look how good the garden now looks:

From This:

To This:

Pretty happy with the outcome and even happier with the price!

Sometimes vision is all you need!