16 January 2011

What To Do With All The Sandbags?

Now that the #BNEFloods have subsided in Brisbane the next issue after cleaning up – is what to do with the all the sandbags (clean ones)?

The Brisbane City Council http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/ says you can take them back to depot’s or take them to the dump – but what a waste.

Today at work (getting the office back together after the flood) we all decided to take some sandbags home and use them on our lawns.

Clearly the sandbags can’t be water damaged – if the floods touched them (get rid of them – too much bacteria).

I found this article on using sand as a top dressing for your lawn. http://thelawnguide.com.au/lawn-care/lawn-repair/23-lawn-repair/122-top-dressing.html

Brett used the sand today on the back lawn to level it out – looks pretty good…. and free (not to mention good recycling)!

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  1. Hi Jazz,
    I was in your area today so drove past your place. Its a really nice estate, especially up on the hill. Lots of nice houses! Yours looks finished! It was busy at the one next to yours!