30 May 2011

Shedding Around

Sorry that we haven't posted much - been a very busy time for me (work wise).

Here is the shed that was assembled over the Easter break.

Here is the shed flat packed.

Base in place.

Byron & Brett getting things done.

Looking good

End result!

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05 May 2011

Horizontal Slat Side Panel

Brett, Byron & Josh put this panel up.

It has turned out great - exactly the look we were wanting!

Thanks boys!

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04 May 2011


The Developers of the estate have started on stage 2 and 3 and have heaps of mulch.

They gave us this mulch to use in the gardens (its nice when the developers of your estate are your neighbours and great people).

So here is Brett getting busy in the Mulch.

Final results:

03 May 2011

Book - Judgment Calls

With all the public holidays I have been going through books very quickly!

I ordered some Alafair Burke books after stumbling onto her when I read City of Lies.

This was a good book. Smart twists & turns.

I love the way the main females characters in het books are strong females!

I think if your into Law & Order you will like this book!

Deputy District Attorney Samantha Kincaid walks into her office in Portland's Drug and Vice Division one Monday morning to find the sergeant of the police bureau's vice unit waiting for her. A thirteen-year-old girl has been brutally attacked and left for dead on the city's outskirts. Given the lack of evidence, most lawyers would settle for an assault charge; Samantha, unnerved by the viciousness of the crime, decides to go for attempted murder. But as she prepares for the trial, she uncovers a dangerous trail leading to a high-profile death penalty case, a prostitution ring of underage girls, and a possible serial killer. And she finds her judgment -- not only in matters of the law but in her personal life -- called into question.

In Samantha Kincaid, Alafair Burke has created a complex, appealing character -- a woman consumed by a sense of justice, who is also tough enough to take on a man's world. Seamlessly juxtaposing courtroom scenes with those of criminal investigation, Judgment Calls reveals not only an insider's knowledge of the criminal justice system but a fresh new voice in the world of crime writing.

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