10 January 2011

Custom Designed Tram Scrolls

Lately I have been seeing tram scrolls on other bogs & last year Tara did one on Better Homes & Gardens.

I designed the "scrolls" in Adobe Indesign".

Found the frames.

Had the designs printed.

I did a Brisbane Scroll which includes places we lived or have meaning to us.

Another was of places in the world that we have been or want to visit.

And of course a NY themed scroll.

I also did a Sydney one but have given that one to my sister as I thought 4 maybe over the top.

I like the old fashion style in a modern frame.

What do you think???

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  1. Loving it very very much!

    I may get you to help me with one when I actually have a wall to put it on. Well done honey.

  2. What a clever clogs you are :)

  3. Thanks gals!

    Miss Vint - no probs let me know I am can help with the design and send you a high res PDF :-) I had mine printed at Office Works.

    Frames $75.00 all up

    Printing $10.00 all up


  4. Jazz these are fantastic!! Love them. I have always loved these tram scrolls but a little out of my budget. Maybe this is something you can make some money out of?? If I wanted one how much would you charge? Well done!!

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