05 October 2010

Paving Colour Problem

I am writing this post retrospectively as this issue has since been resolved.

I received a phone call last week from one of the designers advising me that the border paver (Rumba) we had selected is not going to be available till late October, early November - well more like some time in November.

Needless to say I wasn’t too impressed!

The option that was suggested wasn’t going to have the same effect and fit in with the house. The thing that I was annoyed about was that I had to get back to her by Monday.

Brett and I both agreed the “coffee” colour was not going to be the right substitute colour and that we would be prepare to wait.

We haven’t gone through this whole process to not get what we want.

We picked these colours back in April and there was no way we were going to spend the 25 years (or so LOL) not being happy with the driveway.

The issue for our builder is that the contracted date for hand over is 3 November as we have a guaranteed build time - so if we wait then they have to start paying us (obviously why they were pushing the coffee colour).

So we were at a stale mate and were trying to figure out the best way forward – accept a colour we don’t like, wait or removing the paving from the contract and try to sort it out at a later date…

Luckily our SS was able to track the Boral Rumba Colour down, so as far as the colour problem with the pavers is concerned that is fixed, however we still haven’t made a decided on the paver pattern debacle as yet.

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