06 October 2010

Kitchen Woes

You may recall a post The Big Bin Quest…..

We searched high and low for a bin draw that was big enough for us….

The designers advised that it would be better for them to purchase and install the bin that was it comes with the kitchen and less drama for us to install later down the track.

When Brett and I were out on site last week – Brett remarked that he thought that the place for the bin draw looked too small…

I thought well they are the professionals maybe it is right?

We received a call late last week saying that “drafting” had stuffed up the kitchen plans that then cupboard was too small by 7cm!!!!!!

The first option that was suggested was that they find a similar size bin draw – I said…. Yeah Good Luck With That!

Turns out that the space that is there would only accommodate half the size of a bin that would want.

So I said NO!

The next option was to re-do the whole Island Bench – stone top, tiling, pluming, cupboards etc… Which is not ideal! Not to mention time consuming!

Yesterday SS rang up and wanted to know my thoughts on changing the bin draw to the cupboard to the right of the dishwasher (under one side of the sink).

I am open to the idea as long as:

1) it is a bin draw (not cupboard).
2) it is enclosed and not open to the other side of the cupboard.
3) that we get shelves and cupboard door back on where it was originally to go.

I hope this can be sorted out….

I did raise that perhaps the bottom of the sink may be an issue with regards to the internal workings of the bin – I guess we will have to wait and see.

Our build has been so great up until the end of last week with the paving colour issues, paving pattern problem and the bin debacle….

SS and Admin have been good trying to mitigate the situation.

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  1. Here I was thinking you were the only people on earth to have a perfect build, but i guess the idea of that is next to impossible! lol!
    Good luck sorting all your issues!