14 October 2010

The Block Ep 4

Yesterday was Hump Day so that means Block Day!

Ep 4 was all about the Ensuite!

And the winners were……………………….

Mark and Duncan (aka Two Fat Tradies)

They won due to great use of space…. They extended the shower space and also they installed a $3K floating vanity!!!

I totally LOVED the feature tiles in Erin and Jake’s Ensuite – so bold! I wouldn’t have picked the mirror that they did – I think it clashed with the feature tiles. The black toilet paper was very cool too! The judges didn’t like the fact that they didn’t put a door to the ensuite.

Brett and I don’t have a door to our ensuite HOWEVER our toilet within the ensuite area DOES have a DOOR…..

Neisha & John’s ensuite was nice with good finishes – I did like the fact that they kept the ceiling arch, however I don’t think the square modern tap ware really went with a curved feature??

Chez and Brenton – plain plain plain…… its like they went all out on the bold sliding doors on the first reveal and now they are in a PLAIN JANE STATE!!! They also didn’t have a door which the judges did not like!

There was a little cat fight regarding Brenton and Chez flying in a friend from QLD that was a tradie and having him sleep there….

If you missed the show you can view full Eps online at

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