03 October 2010

Its Oh So Quiet… shhhh shhhh

I must apologize for the lack of blogging…..

The last week and half hasn’t been the best for us. It’s been really busy, stressful and full on…

I even had to get the Zovirax out LOL

It all started with Princess Lulu, a week and half ago she was yelping and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong 2 trips to the vet found that she had either a slipped or budging disc in her spine and that we needed to keep her still, quiet and rested to help heal it…

Now if any of you have ever met Princess Lulu, you would know she is a totally excitable, overactive toy poodle!!!

So this was no mean feat…. Brett and I have slept on the floor, sent hours sitting with her on the floor and Mum and Dad have also been looking after.

We have about one more week of tough love – hopefully in a week she won’t have to be on a lead and kept calm….. She has been pretty good I think she knows it’s for her back and she is starting to feel better.

I have had such a busy time with Work and Assignments – it never rains it pours… only 3 weeks left of my course and then I vow no more higher education for the next 10 years!

Brett has also been manic with his job trying to get his targets in for end of year etc.

We have a few issues with the build which I will blog about later in the week.

So... sorry for being quiet I know how much you all love the blog LOL ha ha who knows who even reads it but anyways – so sorry just the same!


  1. Hi Jazz,
    Been stalking your blog for a while - LOVE IT!
    Great song choice in your title. I had it in my head all night. Ta :)
    Enjoying watching your build come together.

  2. Thanks for stalking LOL he he he.... You never know who is reading your blog I guess.

    I am now following yours - just with the quick flick through I have had it looks like fun!