12 October 2010

The Blog has been Blogged!

I submitted our Blog to www.blogged.com to be reviewed and rated by the editors for Blogged.com. We received a rating of 6.7 (GOOD)!

Very happy about that!

If you would like to rate and review our blog visit

PS. I also sent in my other blog (event TH!S)
http://www.blogged.com/blogs/event-this.html and it was rated 7.2 (VERY GOOD)! Also happy about that!

Why not get your blogged rated?

What is Blogged.com?
Blogged.com was created as they felt that bloggers who really put their minds and creativity into their writing deserve recognition. Blogged.com showcases the talented bloggers across the blogosphere and serve not only as a blog directory, but also as a destination where their writings can be appreciated. Bloggers are the heart and soul of Blogged.com and it is their creativity and passion that inspired us to create this site.

Our blogs are reviewed, rated, and categorized by our editors, so you won't have to experience the frustration of filtering through blogs that are either spam, outdated, or irrelevant. You'll be able to find quality blogs that you would have unlikely found through a traditional blog search.

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  1. Yes, blogpress but I believe you need gmail account. I am doing via the email on my iphone :)