07 October 2010

The Block Ep 3

I watched The Block last night….. HOW HAPPY WAS I that Neisha and John won!

The room was very lush!!!! Loved the use of the “putty” palette of colours!

Awesome space saving idea with the desk in the wardrobe!

Mark & Duncan

Well the 2 Fat Tradies out did themselves this week – they used their resources and had Freedom’s visual merchandisers come out to give them some tips.

I did like this room – the only thing I wasn’t a fan of was all the techo gadgets on the bedside table…

Jake and Erin

I did really like this room – except for the colour on the wall – I thought it was a little too dark for a study…. I loved the furniture!

Brenton and Chez

What can I say…. They started to RE-DO their 1st bedroom because they weren’t happy with it so effectively they were doing 2 rooms this week…. Then Scotty told them they could start on the ensuite early for week 3….. So these guys were doing 3 rooms!!!! Brenton looked stressed out!

As for their reveal…. It was the most expensive out of all 4 rooms….. For me it doesn’t have the WOW factor – its nice but not my style.

Chez really needs to get some interpersonal skills and build better relationships with people… I don’t know if we only see her cracking it or sulking on the show – but seriously…. If you throw a tub of stain with water over the balcony how can you not think that it is going to stain the wooden balcony below?

If you missed the show you can view full Eps online at http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/theblock


  1. Im loving this series and agree Chez is the drama queen! Adds some interest though, next week looks drama packed~

  2. Next week is going to be a blast - true colours will come out!!!!