21 July 2010

Knock on Wood

Brett and I decided to go with the Urbanstyle PURB4 Corinthian Door http://www.doors.com.au/Product/Show_144.aspx for the house entry.

I just have a thing about glass panels – they look fab but they aren’t for me – so solid it is (and then we can add a peep hole)!

As we are using Colourbond Monument (black) for all of our features and accents of the house we want to have a high gloss black front door!

The strange thing is…. we had to sign a waiver in case something happens to the door because its being painted in a dark colour – fine by us our porch is almost as big as a room so we doubt any sun light is going to damage it!

1 comment:

  1. We chose the same door :)

    What colour did you end up painting yours?