11 March 2011

Uses for Denture Cleaning Tablets

Thought I would share this little gem with you....

I used denture cleaner to clean up some of my vintage decanters and vases last weekend.

I also found some other items you can use denture cleaner on to bring the sparkle back!!!

Happy cleaning....

FYI - no I don't have false teeth LOL

Glass Vases
If you have a glass vase with a hard spot to clean, drop in a denture cleanser tablet, then fill the vase with water. The cleanser will clean the glass as the stains soak in the water. Later, spill out the liquid, rinse the vase with fresh water and dry.

Dried Cheese on Dishes
If you have a dish with dried cheese on it, put the stopper in the sink and fill the sink with warm water. Drop in a denture cleanser tablet. Place the dish in the sink water. The denture cleanser will eat away the dried-on cheese. Rinse the dish with clean water and let dry.

Coffee Mug Stains
If you have a coffee cup stained from coffee, fill it up with warm water. Drop in a denture cleanser tablet. Wait 20 minutes and pour out. Then rinse the cup with clean water. The coffee stains should be gone.

Clean a Clogged Drain
Drop 4 tablets of denture cleanser into a stopped-up or slow-running drain. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar down the drain, then fill the sink with hot water and let it run down the drain. The stoppage should open up.

Casserole Dishes
Don't scrub casserole dishes that have hard, crusty food left in them. Drop a denture cleanser tablet in them and fill the dishes with warm water. Let the water sit for one hour. Pour out and wash clean.

Baby Teething Items
Denture cleanser tablets can remove dried-on baby formula and germs without scrubbing. Place baby teething items and pacifiers in the sink. Fill the sink with warm water. Drop one denture cleanser tablet in the sink and let the items soak for 20 to 30 minutes. Drain the sink and rinse the baby items clean.

Diamond Jewelry
Denture cleanser tablets can make your diamonds shine and sparkle again. Place diamond jewelry in a glass of warm water. Drop in a tablet. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Pour the water out of the glass and rinse the jewelry. Your diamonds should be sparkling again.

Toilet Cleaner
One easy way to clean a toilet with no scrubbing is to drop a denture cleanser tablet into the bowl. Wait about 25 minutes, then flush the toilet. The bowl should now be clean

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  1. This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!! After a bicycle accident a few years back, poor hubby lost a tooth and has one on a plate now. Means we have a handy little stash of sterident in the bathroom! Will be using it for other things too now ;) Might share these tips on my blog too if you don't mind?

  2. Hey Karla - thanks for the comment.... please spread the word!