29 March 2011

Book - Move to Strike

Perfect home, perfect family, perfect murder...

So I am back on the "thriller" band wagon this week - needed a "chick lit" break.

I wasn't sure about this book at the start - but it GETS GOOD.... TRUST ME!

Think..... a crazy Dr Phil!
Really good book and full of twist and turns - totally worth the read!

Doctor Jeffrey Logan, daytime TV’s most loved psychologist, has a top-rating talk show seen around the world - his picture perfect life completed by his talented lawyer wife, Stephanie Tyler, their 16-year-old daughter Chelsea, and 13-year-old J.T. But this image of domestic bliss is shattered when Stephanie is killed instantly by a bullet from a big game rifle in the family’s pristine Beacon Hill kitchen – the consequences of her death catastrophic as Doctor Jeff confesses, despite all the evidence pointing decidedly towards his blood spattered son.

Now Boston criminal defence attorney David Cavanaugh faces his most gruelling case to date – as fate steps in to see him appointed to represent the man charged with murdering his old law school friend. Cavanaugh soon realises that this family has a dark secret, but it may not be the one the popular Doctor Jeff insists on revealing to the world. With the Logan children unwilling to reveal what really happened, and Doctor Jeff always one step ahead of his defence team, Cavanaugh must race to uncover the truth, before more lives, including those closest to him, are lost.

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