17 March 2011

Housewarming :: Theme

So the first thing for me in organising any event is the theme – that is where you start.

The theme will set the mood and style of our whole event.
The list of themes and ideas is really limitless!

I have a lot of bits and pieces (event décor and props) so in the spirit of re-using things you already have I want to incorporate them.

Our events will also be held in April and Easter will be in late April this year…. So I am going to incorporate a little bit of Easter into the theming as well.

So what am I thinking?

Informal, Vintage, BBQ, Picnic………
Vintage Bird Cages
Birds nest with Easter eggs
Pink, Purple and White Peony’s
Lots of candles – tealight and church style
Glass Bottle Vases
White Table Cloths with some sort of natural table runner
Punch or a Drinks Station
Vintage looking drinks tubs
Dessert Station
Signature Event Drink
White, Pink, Green, Purple – pastel colours

Saturday Night - Informal Cocktail Style

Sunday Lunch - Informal BBQ Lunch Style

So there is the start of things to come....

Will you theme your Housewarming Party?

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