01 March 2011

Book - Jillaroo

This weeks book is Jillaroo by Rachael Treasure.

What I live about this audio book is that it's so Aussie!

Really down to earth book so far and the main character drinks Bundy (a girl after my own heart)!

Worth a look :: check it out!

Jillaroo by Rachael Treasure lives up to the author's surname. Set against the backdrop of rural Australian life, it is an absorbing story tracing a decade in 20-something-year-old Rebecca Saunders' life. Rebecca is a wonderful character being both feisty and fallible, the type of character that would make an inconspicuous role model for young adult girls. The pages of Jillaroo turn easily as we share the challenges Rebecca faces with her relationships, her career, her family and, at the centre of it all, the country property that at once unites and divides them. Fans of TV shows like `McLeod's Daughters' will enjoy the authentic descriptions of farming life, while readers interested in spicy relationship dynamics will also be satisfied. The author's treatment of the mother/child relationship is particularly strong, dealing with the complicated feelings of guilt and resentment which have tainted Rebecca's family since her mother left her young family to escape boredom, an unfulfilled husband, and to fulfill her dreams of becoming a vet. The author's easy narrative, and solid and believable characters and plot (complete with mushy romantic twists) make Jillaroo a widely appealing read. In short, a real treasure.

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