18 March 2011

Housewarming :: Invites

To fit in with the Bird Cage and Vintage feel, I have created an invite that features a bird cage and some vintage style carnival/circus typography.

I wanted to keep it simple – black and white with a touch of red (x marks the spot)….

I normally do handmade or custom made hard copy invites, however, this time around I am going for the electronic kind (due to my lack of time).

I think they look cute – even if I do say so myself LOL (Biased Much? LOL)….


  1. Ahhh Jazz...I love a good theme and u haven't let me down. Invites look divine.
    My housewarming theme...can you guess?

  2. Hmmmmmm Reinsey not sure maybe something BRIGHT and FUN? Right now I think you could have a SLAB PARTY!!!!! whooo hooo

  3. Thanks Karla - Hey in the new issuse of Better Homes and Gardens there are some Vertical Gardens.... I thought of you when I saw them!