26 August 2010

Tiles + Kitchen + Bathrooms + Laundry + 2000 Hits


Met our Tiler “AD” onsite today – he wanted to show me the shower tiles set out at 45 degree – which apparently is better for water run off etc.

He has also started the some of the tiling in the bathrooms.

I do really love the colour of the tiles!!!!


I was very surprised to see the kitchen and laundry cabinets delivered (wasn’t expecting them until Friday).

Can’t wait to see the stone bench tops for the kitchen and bathrooms!

2000+ HITS

Thanks to everyone that is reading the blog we have now passed 2000 hits!

Drop us a line and say hello – don’t be shy!

It would appear that skirting boards, architraves and cornices are complete! All the doors have been hung expect for the garage door which goes in towards the end.

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  1. Gorgeous Jazz. You'll have to invite everyone following the blog to the house warming so they can see the finished product for real!!!