23 August 2010


Very happy with the progress to date!

Planning Stage

26-Feb-10: Exchange contract for the land

17-Mar-10: Paid initial deposit to Plantation

31-Mar-10: Brett's Birthday!

12-Apr-10: Sold Current Property

18-Apr-10: Land Settled

19-Apr-10: Paid second deposit to Plantation

23-Apr-10: Paid final deposit to Plantation

23-Apr-10: Colour Selections and Final Plans

5-May-10: Final Plans - Lighting

25-May-10: Submitted Applications to Council

18-Jun-10: Council Plumbing Plan Approved

23-Jun-10: Final Council Plans Approved


2-Jul-10: Block Cut and Filled

7-Jul-10: Site Set Out

9-Jul-10: Drainage Installed

14-Jul-10: Slab Poured

16-Jul-10: Frame

19-Jul-10: Roof Truss

21-Jul-10: Gutter and Fascia

23-Jul-10: Meeting SS Onsite

23-Jul-10: Roof Starts

24-Jul-10: Met new neighbours onsite

28-Jul-10: Wiring Starts

30-Jul-10: Rough Ins Completed

4-Aug-10: Plasterer Starts

6-Aug-10: Bricklayer Starts

13-Aug-10: Meeting with SS Onsite

13-Aug-10: Bricks Finished

16-Aug-10: Render Starts

16-Aug-10: Carpenter Starts

16-Aug-10: Tiles Ordered

19-Aug-10: Locked Out!

25-Aug-10: Eves & Internal Fix Out to be finished

30-Aug-10: Tiler to Start

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