14 April 2011

Housewarming :: Thank You

We would like to thank our guests that attended the Housewarming Parties and gave us some great gifts.

We got some lovely tea towels and Tupperware, mugs and a funky magnetic message board!

We also got some Bunnings vouchers – which we have used to purchase Yard Saver 55 Shed!

Thanks to all our friends and family for the great gifts!

Yard Saver 55 Shed

Constructed with the highest quality, fire retardant PVC, these attractive sheds provide safe and secure storage space. These sheds are fade and weather proof, and are very easy to assemble

* Fire Retardant, Rust and Rot Proof
* Simple, Clean, Safe and Easy Assembly
* Metal Reinforced wall columns for superior strength
* Wind Rated to 185 km/hr
* Contemporary design will beautify your Backyard or Garden
* No Painting, Treating, or Maintaining Headaches
* 15 yr Limited Warranty
* Included Door and Door Handles
* Includes moulded Floor - Only needs compacted, level surface

Outside Sizes: 1.7m Wide x 1.7m Deep x 1.98m High
Inside Sizes: 1.55m Wide x 1.55m Deep x 1.82m High
Door Size: 1.34m Wide x 1.82m High
Storage Area 4.5 Cubic Metres.
Colour Alabaster


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