05 April 2011

Book - How to Break Your Own Heart

I am a MASSIVE Maggie Alderson fan – she is one of my fav chic lit authors.

I love the fact that on her website she has a section called “Press” with a little note saying “I haven’t got around to this yet, ooppppss”.

Great book, really enjoyed it (as usual) – maybe check it out to read over the Easter break?

Amelia Bradlow seems to have everything she needs to be happy – a handsome husband, a beautiful home, money, good looks and a glamour job. Everything that is, except the thing she wants most – a baby.

Her husband, Ed, is funny affectionate and sophisticated, but simply not interested in parenthood. He likes his life neat and tidy. And he likes a wife who attends solely to his needs.

As she approaches 37, Amelia is faced with a life-changing decision, aided and abetted by Kiki, her hopelessly disorganised, but ridiculously rich friend. Should she stay in her nearly happy marriage, or expose herself to the vagaries of a single life and the distant possibility of meeting someone who wants to start a family?

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