08 April 2011


We have had the ClimateSmart assessment done to the house.

Its interesting to see how much power you are using in real time.

I will be interested to see what our power bills will be like in the future - only time will tell!

PS. Keep in mind that if you have power saving bulbs installed and water saving shower heads you don't get any for free....


Save Up to $325 per year on your power bill. Find out how much power you're wasting at home with the $50 ClimateSmart Home Service and start saving.

We'll supply and install this little device, called a wireless power monitor, plus up to 15 power saving light globes and, where suitable, a water and energy efficient showerhead.

The service takes less than an hour and you can book an appointment at a time that suits you: Monday - Saturday, 7am - 7pm

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