23 April 2011

Good Friday Deluge

Here in Brisbane we had Thunder Storm on Good Friday.

The rain was coming in horizontally!!!

Brett was out mowing before it hit!

Coming in.....

Eeeeekkkk pouring down!

A usual sight..... the retaining wall waterfall!

Lets hope the BBQ doesn't float away!

Right side of the h0use - drain working over time!

Left side - nothing.....

We had a river running past our house on the street!

The water coming from behind and along our neighbours place - talking about running water!

Here is why we have a retaining waterfall.....

As our neighbours are away we were keeping an eye on the place....

Was surprised so see this!

The pit drain is block - Brett unblocked it but there is no suction happening - so that is what the water can't get away.

The water is coming from up the side of these other houses - those neighbours were also out and about as they are having flooding issues.

By the time we got back from next door our side of the house was clear of water - so at least our drainage is working.

The thing I am a bit worried about is that today (Easter Saturday) we are putting a shed in where the retaining wall waterfall is.....

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