24 April 2011

Book - Shopaholic and Sister

This week I am back into the Shopaholic Series...... Shopaholic and Sister.

Great book and a good laugh - 2 sisters that are like chalk and cheese.

My fav part is when she goes mountain climbing in kitten heels LOL!

Becky Bloomwood, shopaholic extraordinaire, is back. She and her new husband, Luke Brandon, have been on a whirlwind ten-month honeymoon that's taken them all around the world, but both are itching to get back to London. When they do return, Becky is disturbed to discover that her best friend has a new good buddy, and Becky's parents are acting strangely. It turns out that they've just learned that her dad fathered a child a few years before he met her mother. Becky is thrilled to learn she has a half-sister, until she meets Jess. Jess is nothing like Becky: her clothes aren't fashionable, she prefers dank caves to shoe stores, and she is incredibly frugal. After an awkward weekend together, the sisters part company on bad terms. To make matters worse, Becky's gotten herself into a pickle with a purchase that could put a strain on her marriage. Like the previous installments, Shopaholic & Sister is hilarious fun for Prada and Gucci aficionados. Kristine Huntley
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  1. Sounds like a great read! Enjoy your Sunday afternoon,