02 February 2011

1920s Dutchess Re-Vamp p1

As you may know I decided to dabble in a little furniture restoration!

Mixing the new with the old and all that!

I wanted to paint this dutchess my signature colour..... Black!

A little worse for wear when I won her!

Sanding - fun times!

I decided to recruit my Grandad to help me with this project.

1) he is neater & more patient then me

2) heaps of experience with wood as he has a vintage yacht

3) owning a yacht means lots of painting experience

4) I have no idea what I am doing

5) Grand has a sander - a must!

So below meet Grandad (Grand) aka Keith!

Now Grand did the majority of the project but I did do a bit - see! Grand even took the pic with my iPhone!

I went with a water based, gloss paint applied with a brush.

I also went for a tinted grey undercoat.

Extreme close up!

Fingers crossed this works!

Looking better!

Stay tuned for the big reveal!


  1. I'm tuned. Yay for Grand Keith. Lovely dresser, I think it will look lovely in black.

  2. Thanks R&S - I rang Grand to let him know he was a "blog star"... At 83 Grand dosn't have the net but loves playing with our iphone, ipads, gps and all our other gadgets - he also knows what facebook and twitter is!

    I read out the post and your comment - I could hear the excitment in his voice (when I ring Nan and Grand its like having a conference call as I must be put on speaker so they both can hear).

    Nan is looking forward to staring in the blog next week as she is working on a project too.

    I think giving my Grand and Nan projects keeps thier minds active, gives them something to do and they feel of value!

    Grand is half way through the next peiece of furniture re-vamp - so more to come!