04 February 2011

Door Stop Till You Get Enough

As our house is north facing, we get a great breeze through the house.

Only problem is... SLAMMING doors!

These we the standard door stops that came with the house (something we didn't think about):

We got these fab magnetic silver door stops from Bunnings for just over $6 each.

Brett installed them and haven't had a slam since!

If you are building house check out what you get for your money and if your hubby isn't handy maybe consider getting magnetic stoppers included your building variations.

- Posted by Jazz's iPhone


  1. Hi Jazz and Brett
    I have been reading your blog for a number of months now to follow the progression of your build. We are also building with Plantation Homes so all your posts have been really helpful. THANKS!!! You guys have movitated us to start our own so if you get a chance please visit us @ www.halimandnora.blogspot.com.

    We are 7 months late in getting this going, but as our first post stated- better late than never. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

    And we an't wait to see the finishing touches on your house.


  2. Hey Nora - your blog looks great! Where is Brisbane are you building? We ha a really good experience with Plantation Homes. Just keep open communication and be really clear on what you want.